Diagram representing loans held through the hamoney's peer-to-peer market place.

This graph is intended to give a high level view of the loans and provide a visual representation for comparison. It perfectly illustrates how the funds are diversified over regions, risk profiles and size. The life of the loans can be identified by the the pie chart within the nodes. The lighter colour shows how much principle is remaining to be paid off. A node which has no pie is either new and no payments have been made yet, or it has been paid off in full and would also have a lager outer circle to represent the interest received over the portfolio.

Charged Off
Paid Off

This graph displays the current and past loans that I have held through the platform and their current status. Each node is colour coded to represent the grade, green-A1 through to red-F5. The dark outer circle of the node indicates the interest that has been received to date over the whole portfolio. The loan which has provided the greatest $ return to date will have the thickest width up to 50% of the nodes size.

Within the node there are two shades of colour to represent the loan principle, the darker of the two shows how much as a percentage has been paid off and the lighter what is left to be charged interest on.

node description